How to File Taxes Without W2

  By Alm

How to File Taxes Without W2

This article will walk you through the entire process of filing your Fedral and State taxes without the W2. Follow the easy steps below:

Step 1

Have the last pay check or pay stub of the tax-year you are filing for ready.

Step 2

Make a copy of your previous tax-year's W2. On the photocopy cross out the amounts printed in the boxes. Be prepared to write new numbers in these boxes. If you do not have the previous W2 forms take a plain sheet of paper and draw 8 boxes on it. Name each box as Box 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 16 and 17

Step 3

Now decode your pay check by following few easy steps here. Keep in mind you would only need 'Year-to-date' amounts for your tax returns.

Step 4

Locate the year-to-date gross pay on your pay check. Look for any 'Pre-tax deductions' if there are then subtract your pre-tax deduction amount from the gross pay. Write this figure in Box 1 and Box 16. If you have no pre-tax deductions then just write your gross
year-to-date pay in 1 and 16.

Step 5

Locate your 'Federal Income Tax' write it in box 2

Step 6

Write your year-to-date gross pay in box 3 and 5. Do not subtract the pre tax amount this time.

Step 7

Locate 'FICA', write this amount in box 4

Step 8

Locate 'Medicare' deduction and write it in box 6.

Step 9

Locate the state tax withholding. This is usually written as 'NY withholding' , or 'IL withholding', depending on the state where you worked. Write this amount in box 17

Step 10

Congratulations! your W2 form is ready to be filed.

Tips & Warnings Some employees have other boxes to be filled out as well. For these individuals I suggest that they have their last years W2 available or just wait for their actual w2 to arrive. If you are not confident filing your taxes this way then you better wait for your W2. Please do not file the wrong amounts you may be audited. However if you filed your taxes incorrectly you may file amendments to your tax returns later

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